Residential Infill Construction Incentive Program

Are you interested in building a new home in an established Hutchinson neighborhood? Is the neighborhood located south of 17th Avenue? Is the lot vacant or does it have an existing structure that needs to be torn down and replaced?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, you could be eligible for the Residential Infill Construction Incentive Program (Infill Program). The Infill Program was established to promote new residential development in existing neighborhoods. Through the program, the City offers incentives to aid homebuilders with the cost of developing new housing in our urban core. There are no income or housing valuation requirements, however the lot must be zoned residential. Possible incentives include:

• Refund of up to $1,500 of Building Permit Fee

• Refund of Sewer Tap Fee

• Refund of Water Tap Fee

For more information, contact the Planning & Development Department at 620.259.4198.

Residential Infill Construction Incentive Program Brochure (PDF)

Residential Infill Construction Incentive Program Application (PDF)

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