SW Bricktown Neighborhood

The newly formed SW Bricktown neighborhood is making progress! Located to the west of Downtown in the vicinity of the Avenue A Elementary School, SW Bricktown is characterized by a large number of historic brick streets. The brick streets and the neighborhood’s location within the City inspired residents to choose SW Bricktown for its name.

The neighborhood is a recipient of a Health Equity Partnership Grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. The grant, administered by United Way of Reno County and partners, seeks to create a healthier community through resident participation. Since 2015, residents have been successful in the following:

• Naming their neighborhood

• Establishing neighborhood boundaries

• Participating in a neighborhood clean-up day

• Painting 13 homes using the Brush Up Hutch! Paint Program

• Creating a Community Action Plan (requirement of the grant)

• Choosing a neighborhood logo

• Participating in a park planning event for Ashmeade and Shadduck Parks

• Hosting monthly resident meetings

To see what the neighborhood is working on now, visit their Facebook Page:


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