IN THE BAND: Hank Osterhout (bass, vocals), Mike Calvillo (guitar, vocals), Chad Buck (banjo, vocals), Albert Moewes (sax, auxiliary)

IN THE BAND: Ricky Vannatta (vocals), HT Brown (guitars), Rem Brown (bass), Dustin Cates (drums)

IN THE BAND: John Depew: vocals, guitar (when performing live), and piano, mandolin, banjo (when recording); Justin Riggs: bass; Joshua Monaghan: drums/percussion

In a Hutchinson basement, a group of close friends gather every Thursday to exchange sarcastic barbs, hang out and practice their set. Occasionally, a band member gets the idea and busts out lyrics to whatever song pops into his head. One by one, the rest of the band kicks in and away they g…

Members: Wes Armer, Colton Bailey and Preston Heath

Favorite place to play: Metro Coffee Hutchinson

Favorite venue to play: Sports Arena or McGraws

Members: Sometimes I play with the "Forever Young Band"  Isaac and Clayton Williams are the core group and they are from Pretty Prairie. Most of the time I still play solo however.

Members: Elliot Road - John Beasley (vocals, banjo, harmonica) and James Beasley (vocals, guitar, mandolin).

Favorite venue: Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, Mo.

Members: Raging Sea - Shawn Craver: From the state of Maryland. Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals.  Justin Wolfe: From Kansas. Percussion/Vocals. Curt Turner: From North Carolina. Fretless Bass.

Members: Reintarnation - Dave and Candee Wright, Carol Gross. Instruments include Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica Djembe

Name: Morgan Wilk (plays  guitar and writes and performs all original music).

Name: Reign in Peril - Dustin 'Sickboy' Graber, Vocals/Guitars; Josh Jeffers, Vocals/Guitars; Dustin May, Vocals/Bass; Justin Freeman, Drums

Name: Simone du Garfunk: Tammy Colladay - Baritone Ukulele/Vocals, Bob Colladay - Upright Bass/Banjo/Vibro Lip Trumpet/Vocals, Matt Parks - Drums, Harmonica

Name:  AEMMetal  This is a band of two brothers, Alex Mathias, 18, on guitar and Eric Mathias, 15, on drums.

Name: The City of McPherson Pipe Band. (Pipe Corps: Ty Kaufman, John Burchill, Bobbie Dye, Mike McIrvin, Chris Kaufman, Lonny Liljegren, Ian Ferguson,  David Nichols, Terran Woolley, Caleb Long, Kelly Long, Laurinda Porter, David Perry, Jessie Perry, Scott Bush, Clay Thomas, Carl Hicks, and …