When special counsel (former FBI director) Robert Mueller finds that Trump did nothing wrong, how long will it take before the Maxine Waters wing of the Democratic Party accuse Mueller of being a tool of Vladimir Putin too?

Most state of Kansas employees have gone without pay raises since 2009, while Kansas has eliminated nearly 5,000 jobs statewide. We are being asked to continually do more with less staffing.

What is wrong with everyone? What has happened to our country? When did loyalty to a political party or loyalty to a mentally unstable president become more important than our patriotic allegiance to our country?

I have to admit it’s been very tempting to opine about the latest Bill O’Reilly dalliances and his subsequent termination, but that’s just too easy. His now-former employer, after all, provides a constant source of editorial fodder, with its own unique brand of hypocrisy and double standards…

I would like to applaud the wonderful dance recital “Poetry in Motion” on May 19 and 20 at Memorial Hall.

I agree wholeheartedly with Frank Leikam (Western Front letter on May 11) regarding the artwork at the Sports Arena. I also agree the $250,000 could have been put to better use. Besides looking dumb, all the poles those circles are on are all crooked.

The Trump administration has taken to using the term “fake news” to describe factually accurate reporting that it doesn’t like. At a news conference, Trump said, “The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people....…

In the continuous debate between evolution and creationism, it must be duly noted that of all the scientific disciplines taught in our nation’s universities, only the scientific disciplines that pertain to the Theory of Evolution are based on a hypothesis that was originated before the start…

After 100 days, the ship of state has yet to leave the harbor. In a comedy of errors, the captain, Donald Trump, was elected to the position by a gullible public that figured even a fool could steer a ship manned by his fellow Republicans.

The most dangerous thing about President Donald Trump is that he thinks he knows when he doesn’t know. He’s only concerned with matters pertaining to him and his family (nepotism) being beneficial.

Earlier this spring I wrote a letter to The Hutchinson News expressing my concern about the hatred in this country exhibited by the Democrats. I specifically referenced a letter by Marjory Scheufler and a column by Leonard Pitts. Scheufler then replied in the paper saying I should take my bl…

Swilling beer in the Rose Garden, the Republicans celebrated and (unwittingly) revealed their callous motivation: unabashed, unrestrained, unmitigated greed. It was never about health care; it was always about massive tax cuts to the rich. 

The recent congressional election in the 1st District, in which Roger Marshall was elected, featured many attacks against the then-Congressman Tim Huelskamp for voting against spending bills.

What truly puzzles me is that medical doctors in Congress are opposed to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The longtime desire of wanting coverage for pre-existing conditions was finally met in this bill, as was sons/daughters staying on the parents’ health care plan until ag…

I read with a great deal of interest your opinion about how Kansas farmers would be harmed if the US were to pull out of NAFTA. I agree, but more of the same will only increase our debt and reduce the number of producers we have in Kansas and across the nation. It is time for change.

Regarding Father Bob Layne’s April 25 column, he would have you believe that President Obama was “Mr. Perfect” and thus did not, and has not ever done, anything wrong. Only President Trump can do wrong, according to him.

In reference to the article “Mixon’s history causes mixed feelings among Bengals fans,” I would like to express my affirmation.

After noticing the Hula Hoop look-alikes on poles on the southwest corner of the Sports Arena, which are called “Art,” I believe the art is inappropriate to have been put there at a cost of $250,000, all the way from New York. This is artwork we pay taxes on now. I believe a Sam Butterfield …

I feel that I must respond to Father Bob Layne’s April 11 column in The Hutchinson News. As usual, he felt obligated to criticize current President Donald Trump, while at the same time singing the praises of former President Obama.

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