While the United States and Kansas debate how to improve educational outcomes and how to best finance a network of schools and teachers across the country, other parts of the world are struggling to secure meager funds to provide the most basic level of education for their children.

The Kansas Legislature has passed the 100-day mark and doesn’t seem very close to wrapping up the state’s business of satisfying the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling on school finance and passing a budget.

The state of Kansas can no longer ignore some of the problems that have long plagued the state’s foster care system – and this week the House of Representatives passed a measure to attempt to restore accountability to the system that cares for some of the state’s most vulnerable children.

If the City of Hutchinson wants to kill a growing interest in creating community events and impromptu parks and activities in town, it should go right ahead and adopt city staff’s recommendation to employ a hefty fee schedule when someone in town wants to organize something fun.

The Kansas Senate will soon get the chance to decide on a change that would allow communities like Hutchinson to establish common consumption zones in their cities, making it possible for people to walk outside with an alcoholic beverage.

In the world of political campaigns, big, brash talk is king – and the sort of thing that leads to being viewed as a winner in the eyes of the majority of voters. Yet, when talk meets reality, and when the race has been won and it’s time to sit down and do the job for which you were chosen, …

In a somewhat surprising move, the Kansas Corporation Commission last week blocked the sale of Westar Energy to Great Plains Energy, which owns Kansas City Power and Light.

The Hutchinson School board made a good choice in selecting former district superintendent Gary Price to serve at the helm of the district for a year while a search is carried out to find a replacement for outgoing administrator Shelly Kiblinger.

With Hutchinson public schools Superintendent Shelly Kiblinger leaving for a position in Cherryvale, the school board again has an opportunity to propel the district toward a future that better serves the children of the community.

After several years of finding little progress on the effort to modernize the state’s liquor laws to allow the sale of full-strength beer and spirits in grocery stores, it seems a compromise, of sorts, has been found.

Two things it seems people love to complain about is “kids these days” and “the media,” yet is was the combination of those two that helped keep an unqualified principal off of the payroll - and in charge of education - at Pittsburg High School in Southeast Kansas.

It’s refreshing to know that the leadership in the Kansas House of Representatives possesses the sort of maturity and pragmatic approach to governance that’s been so sorely missing in recent years and that is needed to debate and pass legislation that is meaningful to the people of Kansas.

The foundation for a championship on the court was established off the court long before the victorious 2016-17 season for the Hutchinson Community College Blue Dragons men’s basketball team.